High Quality Painting

High quality paint is a stronger, longer-lasting paint film. The pigments in the high quality paint do a better job of filling in and blocking the color of the surface they’re applied over. The paint has additives that improve its application and protective qualities. Giving your space a finer look.


Wall Finishes

Wall finishes can make a decorative impact to your space. We can conceal any electrical and mechanical systems behind wall finishes. Plaster and Drywall are amongst the most popular wall finishes due to it being durable, easy to repair, easy to paint or wallpaper over, fire resistant, rodent and insect resistant and good blocking sound.


Custom & Decorative Painting

Custom paint is a one-of-a-kind paint that is different than anyone else’s paint. It’s as simple as adding one extra step to create dimension and depth. A combination of colors is made to create a custom one. With Decorative Painting we can make a plain surface look the same as marble or wood, giving your space a more interesting appearance.


Venetian Plaster & Marmorino Stucco

Venetian Plaster is a wall and ceiling finish that consist of plaster mixed with marble dust giving it a touch of elegance. Marmorino is a lime-based polished Venetian plaster made with sand, lime and crushed marble. It’s an elegant finish with a light natural texture and very durable. Stucco is very similar to Marmorino with a difference that Stucco is made with a lot more sand. This provides for more thickness, durability, and texture when desired. We recommend Stucco for exteriors on larger scales.


Skim Coating & Plaster

Skim coating can restore your wall surface and give it a smooth textured. Skim coating can save a wall with many hairline cracks. Plaster walls and ceilings have advantages such as durability, moisture resistance, and ability to muffle sound. Because of such, repairing plaster surface requires a bit more.


Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting gives a new look to any old or outdated cabinets. Essential steps are needed to ensure longevity of your cabinets. That is why we only use the highest quality of paint. In order for paint to stick well to cabinets proper sanding is a must, even if your cabinets are in near perfect condition. This is followed by using stain-blocking primer to eliminate blotches as the paint cures.